Carbon programs

We’re committed to become Carbon Neutral in 2040 following a 1.5ºC decarbonization pathway, exceeding the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“The fight to end carbon pollution is one of the most important challenges facing the world today.Success requires perseverance in the face of adversity and a commitment to what is right…we’re a global company and we want to be a good global citizen.”

Vistaprint founder

Renewable energy transition

Going solar

We’ve installed large-scale solar arrays at our facilities in Melbourne, Australia and Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Renewable energy procurement

Where installing solar panels isn’t feasible, we’re working with local providers to procure renewable energy.



What is tCO2e?

tCO2e stands for “tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent” and is used to quantify greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reductions and carbon offset purchases. “Equivalent” is used since there are seven officially recognized greenhouse gases (GHGs), with carbon dioxide being the most common. Each GHG has a different impact on atmospheric warming, so carbon dioxide is used as the standard unit to allow relevant comparisons between the various GHGs.

Our Barcelona office purchases 100% green energy since 2015, having reduced by 125 tCO2e per year.

Our Dutch facility is purchasing 100% green energy since 2018, reducing their carbon footprint by 7823 tCO2e per year

Energy saving

LED lighting

Since 2017 we’ve invested heavily in LED lighting in our most energy-intensive facilities.


Offset LED printing

Converting our offset printing processes to LED has reduced our carbon footprint by 473 tCO2e per year.


Centralized cooling systems

Using a centralized chilled water system drastically reduces the energy required to cool our digital printing presses.



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